Don’t respect my opinion if it’s crap

truth knowledge belief venn Freethought Kampala

Hey, so there’s this pretty idea around that everyone is entitled to their opinion.  I can accept this as true.

BUT opinions are often wrong.  They can be wrong.

Some opinions, when ventured, are damaging.  They form the basis of our behaviours, including our ways of contributing to discourse.  They occupy spaces in how we function within society.

They impact how (and, in some places, whether) we vote, and thereby impact who has power to make decisions within society.

They impact our ways of speaking, and thereby impact the opinions of others.  They either support or dismantle the currents of power within society.

They are seen, when we articulate them, and they can either empower and bolster our audience’s participation and enfranchisement, or they can silence through marginalisation.

Some opinions are poorly formed.  They can be based on false perceptions, or they can be based on genuine attempts to perceive things as they are.

If my opinion contains elements of falsity, I want to purge that falsity.  I want to remove it.  If you see falsities in my communications, I want you to tell me so that I can improve.  I want you to do the same.

If I’m aware that I don’t have all of the information I need, in order to validate my opinion, I will flag this.  I want you to do the same.

If someone shows you that your opinion is causing unjust damage, respect that.  Be brave.  Keep refining.  Keep searching.

I guess if you read blogs about this stuff, then you already value this; maybe I’m preaching to the choir.  Accept my high-five for this; thank you for being brave.  You’re doing something important.

Keep trying.  Keep thinking.  Keep growing.

Or please be quiet.

(Image: Freethought Kampala)


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